Caddo River Baptist Association
Meeting Minutes
1867 - 1870

Post #1
11th Annual Session of Caddo River Baptist Association held at Bethel Baptist Church Clark Co. AR. Oct 12, 1867
Opening prayer by D. H. Tollison
Moderator I. F. Welch Clerk: J. Neighbors.
Mt. Pleasant of the Ouachita Association: Wm. Lawrence
Bethel Church: A. Tollison
Union Church: G(oodwin) Deaton, Martin Deaton Peter Gasser(?)
Motion made to create a special committee on Arrangements. Hamilton L. Wasson, Richard Tallant and J. Welch appointed.
Delegates selected for committees:
    Preaching: Peter G(ames?) Henry A. Whisenhunt
    Finance: Richard Tallant and John Welch
    Destitution: Hamilton L. Wasson, Richard Tallant and John Welch.
    Documents: Peter Games, Henry Whisenhunt and Richard Tallant
    Temperance: Henry Whisenhunt, John Welch, and Richard Tallant
Closing prayer by G. Neighbors

Monday Oct. 14, 1867
Prayer by H. L. Wasson
Committee reports read and adopted.
A. G. Stuart motioned to continue treasury for next year.
Selected to correspond with Ouachita Baptist Association: Richard Tallant, G. Neighbors, with G. Neighbors visiting the association.
Service preached by:
    Introductory Service by T. F. Welch.
    Candle light Service by H. L. Wasson.
    Sat. night Service by Wm. Lawrence.
    10:00 am Sabbath Service by T. F. Welch.
    2:00 PM Sabbath Service by T. F. Welch.
Statistical Sheet:
    Church: Bethel - Pastor: T. F. Welch, Clerk: J. Neighbors, Messengers: T. F. Welch, J. Welch and J. Neighbors of Amity, Clark Co.
    Church: Mt. Pisgah - Pastor: T. F.Welch, Clerk: R. Tallant, Messengers: H. L.Wasson, H. Whisenhunt, and R. Tallant of Montgomery Co.
    Church: Union - Pastor: T. F. Welch, Clerk: G. Deaton, Messengers: G. Deaton, M. Deaton and P. Games (James) of Clark Co.
Ordained Ministers I. F. Welch, G. Neighbors, D.H. Tolleson.
Licentiates: Hamilton L. Wasson.

Post #2
11th Annual Caddo River Association, Oct. 11, 1869, held at Bethel Baptist Church of Clark Co Ar.
Moderator, Thomas Whitten, Clerk, John Welch
Messenger from Saline: B. M.. Phillips
Messenger from Ouachita Assoc.: A. Walker
Committee members selected:
    Preaching: J. N.  Wasson, Wm. Howell and  A. G. Stuart
    Documents: T. Ganner, Elias Chaffin and  Hamilton L. Wasson
    Sabbath Schools: Elias Chaffin and H. L. Wasson
    Destitution: M. Whitfield, G. Deaton, A. G. Stuart, H. Whisenhunt and J. N. Wasson
    State of Religion: H. Whisenhunt, M. Whitfield and Elias Chaffin
    Temperance: H. L. Wasson, M. Whitfiled and E. Chaffin

Monday Oct. 11, 1869
A. Nelson to replace H. L. Wasson
G. Benton to replace E. Chaffin (no reason given)
Candlelight Services by Elder Chamberlain of the Methodist Episcopal Church
Volunteered as delegates to Saline Association: A. Nelson, T. Garner and T. Whitten
Appointed as delegates to Ouachita Association: Thomas Whitten, G. Benton, G. W. Hunt and John Welch.
Appointed as delegates to Red River Association: Thomas Whitten, A. G. Stuart and G. Benton.
Statistical Table:
    Church: Bethel - Pastor: T. F. Welch, Clerk: G. Neighbors, PO Box Amity, Delegates: T. Whitten, A. G. Stuart and John Welch.
    Church: Mt. Pisgah - Pastor: T. F. Welch. Clerk: Henry A. Whisenhunt. PO Box: Centerville. Delegates: H. L.  Wasson, H. A. Whisenhunt, J. N.          Wasson
    Church: Phillipi - Pastor: Elias Chaffin. Clerk: M. Whitfield. PO Box: Point Cedar. Delegates: Elias Chaffin, Matthew Whitfield, J. M. Lambert.
    Church: Union - Pastor: Thomas Whitten. Clerk: G. Denton. PO Box Alpine. Delegates: None
Ordained Ministers:T. F. Welch of Centerville. Thomas Whitten of Centerville.  John Neighbor of Amity, Elias Chaffin of Center Point.
Licensed Ministers: Sterling Benton, G. W. Hunt, G. W. Yates (possibly Gates)

Post #3
13th Annual Caddo River Baptist Association held at Mt. Pisgah Church in Montgomery Co. Ar. Oct 8, 9, & 10th 1870
Introductory sermon by T. Howell, prayer by T. Whitten.
Moderator: T. J. Welch, Clerk: John Welch.
Correspondents from Red River Association: Bro. Barton and A. Walker from Ouachita Association.
Visiting Brethren: Elder T. Howell, G. W. Yeats and Brother Scates from Philippi Church.
Committees appointed:
    Preaching: Delegates from Mt. Pisgah Church
    Documents: A. Lomax and Richard Tallant.
    Sabbath Schools: Hamilton L. Wasson and Henry Whisenhunt
    Temperance: Richard Tallant and John Welch.
Adjourning prayer by Bro. Lomax

Monday Oct. 10, 1870
Prayer by H. L. Wasson
Report of preaching committee:
    Sat. night:  H. L. Wasson,
    11:00 am Sabbath: T. Howell
    3:00 pm Sabbath: Bro. Ferguson
    Candle lighting: T. Whitten
Resolved: Samuel Dillard and John Welch appointed to committee to make settlement with A. G. Stuart (Stewart), former treasurer of this association
Statistical Table:
    Church: Bethel. Pastor: T. F. Welch. Delegates: A. Lomax and T. Whitten. PO Rock Creek
    Church: Mt Pisgah. Pastor: H. L.  Wasson. Delegates: Arch Nelson and Henry Whisenhunt. PO: Centerville

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