The Glenwood Herald Miscellaneous Articles

Headline: Political Announcements Thursday, May 23, 1940, Vol. 15, No. 15
The Herald is authorized to announce the following as candidates for the various offices subject to the action of the Democratic Primary Election in August, 1940.

For Representative:
C.G. Bolin
O.A. Featherston

For Prosecuting Attorney:
Boyd Tackett

For County and Probate Judge:
Fred Kizzia

For Sheriff and Collector:
Clyde Harper
Wiley Wingfield
Ed Branch
Jeff Riley

For County and Circuit Clerk:
Walker Watson
Foy Cagle
Tom Jones


Headline: New Pressing Shop May 26, 1927, Vol. 2, No. 14
Gordon Smith, proprietor of City Barber Shop has recently added to his place of business by installing a new and up-to-date pressing and cleaning equipment which enables the managers to turn out first class work. Mr. Smith states that the business is progressing in a satisfactory way, and the managers expect to give prompt and efficient service.


Letters to Santa Claus Dec. 15, 1927, Vol. 2, No. 43

Glenwood, Ark.
December 12, 1927

Dear Santa:
Please bring me a pair of gloves, nuts of all kinds, fruit of all kinds, candy of all kinds, and most anything you know I need.

Your friend,
Uuvila Robertson

Glenwood, Ark.
December 8, 1927

Dear Santa Claus:
Will you please bring me a doll with rubber pants. It has curly hair and sleeps and walks when led by the hand. Bring me a doll swing and a little range stove, and a pair of gloves. Bring me these things if possible.

Your friend,
Chrysteen Tweedle

Glenwood Ark.
December 8, 1927

Dear Santa Claus:
How are you today? All I want for Christmas is a pair of gloves and a doll head, and all kinds of fireworks and all kinds of fruits and candies.

My sister wants a pair of gloves and a doll buggy, fireworks and fruits and candy.

My brother wants a pair of gloves, a coaster wagon, and a B.B. gun, fireworks and fruits and candy.

I am in the fourth grade at school, my sister is in the second grade and my brother is in the primer. We will be good and maybe you will bring these things to us.

Your friend,
Charlyine Elkins


Letters to Santa Claus Dec. 22, 1927, Vol. 2, No. 44
Please bring me a large rubber ball, a fountain pen, a pair of gloves, ring, comb and brush set, a little machine, jack and ball set, some story books, candy, fruit, and nuts.

Your friend,
Corine Cook


Dear Santa Claus:
Please bring me a french harp, three boxes of two inch firecrackers, some candy, some nuts, raisins, grapes, and a pair of gloves.

Your friend,
Doyle Edge
Box 331, Phone 15F2


Dear Santa Claus:
Please send me a twenty two and some shots, a baseball, bat, a glove, and a mit. I do not want anything else so I will close.

Your friend,
William Whitted


Dear Santa:
Please bring me a football, french harp, knife, pair of gloves, nuts, apples, oranges, bananas, coconut, and lemons.

Your friend,
Lester Cook


Dear Santa Claus:
Please bring me a French harp, an apple, an orange, a wagon, a coconut, a box of nuts, a fountain pen. I guess that is all I want this time.

Your friend,
O.D. Stephens


Dear Santa Claus:
Please bring me a pair of gloves, a fountain pen, a sweater, a big rubber ball, candies, apples, nuts, oranges, bananas, and grapes.

Your friend,
Marie Edge.


Dear Santa Claus:
Please bring me a dog collar, wagon, oranges, apples, nuts, and fireworks.

Your friend,
Clarance Jenkins


Dear Santa Claus:
How are you? Alright I guess. I want you to bring me a little house and it is furnished. A radio, a white elephant and it is kinder big. A little duck, a pair of gloves and a dress. That won’t be much – just about $10.00. That will be all, Goodby.

Your friend,
Marguerite Chaney


Headline:  W.W. Slocum Takes Over Hotel Here January. 3, 1929, Vol. 3
W.W. Slocum, well known hotel man throughout this section of Arkansas took over the Hotel Tom Alford last Tuesday, January 1st, and will be the manager for the coming year at least.  Mr. Slocum is an Ashley County man and was raised near Hamburg.  His first hotel experience was with the Gates Lumber Co. at Crossett having charge of their hotel for eight years.  At one time, he had charge of the hotel at Rosboro for the Caddo River Lumber Company.  He came to Glenwood from Mt. Pine, where he had charge of the Hotel there for the Dierks Lumber Company.  The Herald joins his many friends in welcoming both Mr. and Mrs. Slocum to Glenwood.

Mr. Sorrells who has had the management of the hotel will occupy the new building at the west end of Broadway where he will operate a filling station and a lunch room, it is said.


Headline:  Mrs. Ligon Entertained January 3, 1929, Vol. 3
Mrs. Freeman Ligon delightfully entertained with a Christmas party Thursday evening, December 27th, honoring her guest Miss Martha Virginia Thompson of Conway.  The house was beautifully decorated for the occasion, the main feature being a lovely Christmas tree which added much splendor to the living room.  Bridge and rook was played throughout the evening following which dainty refreshments were served carrying out the Christmas motif.  Those present other than the guest of honor were, Misses Hazel Pate, Louise Gibbs, Lara Jane Ligon, Louise Williams, Aileen Allen, and Vivian Thompson, and Messrs Louie Russell, Haskell Wilson, Grady Pate, Buster Richardson, John Hays Allen, William Gibbs and Horace Fenture.


Headline:  Family Reunion September 13, 1928, Vol. 3
A family reunion was held at the home of Mrs. Chloe Honea, Sunday.  Those present were Mr. and Mrs. E.Y. Fuller of Los Angeles, Austin Fuller of Little Rock, Mrs. Manesco of Amity, Mrs. Burns, New Orleans, Mrs. Scott of Little Rock, and Mrs. Chloe Honea, Miss Marion Honea and Mr. Fuller, father of the above mentioned group.  As it was the first time in years that the family had all been together, an unusually good time was enjoyed by all present.


Headline:  Dorothy Reagan Entertains September 13, 1928, Vol. 3
Dorothy Reagan entertained her Sunday School class Thursday night of last week with a bunking party.  Games were played during the early part of the evening, followed by a Marshmallow and Weinie roast after which refreshments were served.  The following guests were present:  Majorie Sellars, Majil Pitts, Mary Francis Pate, Kathleen Carter, Helen Cox, Marie Brown, Mildred Frances Davis, Alphalee Whitted and Yida Mae Sanders.


Headline:  Baptist Church Calls Rev. F.W. Holt September 6, 1928, Vol. 3
The Glenwood Baptist met in conference Sunday evening Sept. 2 and called Bro. F.W. Holt as pastor for the ensuing year.  Bro. Holt, who now resides at Crossett, is an elderly man with a wide and varied experience in the ministrial field.

We regret very much the leaving of our pastor Bro. L.A. Sparkman who goes away to new an greater fields of service.  May Gods blessings rest upon him and his ministry.

Bro. Sparkman will preach his farewell sermon on Sept. 16.  Come and hear him.


Headline:  Billy Elkins Hurt September 6, 1928, Vol. 3
Billie Elkins, aged 7, son of Mrs. C.E. Elkins was struck by a car driven by Mr. Davis of Hatfield Ark., Monday morning.  The accident occurred in front of the Square Deal Cafe when Billie jumped from a truck driven by Woodrow Wilson and ran into the approaching car.  He was picked up by Delos McCauley and taken to the office of Dr. Gould where he was examined and given first aid.  No bones were broken but it was feared he was hurt internally and he was taken to a hospital in Hot Springs Monday afternoon for XRay examination.  It was said the accident was unavoidable as the boy ran in front of the car driven by Mr. Davis.  No arrest was made.

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