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Headline: Senior Class October 3, 1929
The senior class met Friday morning, September 27 and organized for this school term. We re-elected all officers. They were:

President - Tommie Malcom
Vice-President - Max Tackett
Sec. and Treas. - Glennys Hobbs
Reporter - Orville Hughes
Yell Leader - Lois Theobalt
Sponsor - Miss Leslie Oates

At this meeting, we also planned a picnic which took place Friday night. We met at the Riverside Cafe and then journeyed to the banks of the Caddo. Everyone had a wonderful time and are looking forward for the next event.


Headline: Honor Roll of the Glenwood School December 22, 1927
The following Honor Roll includes the names of the pupils in the Glenwood Schools who have been neither absent nor tardy during the month of November and who have no grade lower than C.

Primer: Wallis Calloway, W.J. Connor, G.T. Spradlin, Anna Highsmith, Beatrice Roberts, Jeanette Tull, Mary Jane Sorrells.

First Grade: Bruce Brown, Morris Bridges, Doyle Hunter, Sammie Hall, Opal Sparks, Ione Green, Donna Sue Thrash, Adell Atha.

Second Grade: Tennie Elkins, Alfred Bankston, Jack Lightfoot, Robert Baker.

Third Grade: John Burk, Carl Barnette, Lance Hethcox, J.L. Crittendon, Robbie Dale Hughes, Kelly McWha, Ralph Russell, Frank Sorrells, J.E. Conine, Connie Cook, Hazel Whisenhunt, Maxine Hare, Edith Lawless.

Fourth Grade: Coy Mitchell, William Chappel, Woodrow Dooley, Virginia Baker, Marie Brown, Mary Mitchell, Marjorie Sellars, Lester Cook, Warren Sorrells, William Whitted, Corine Cook, Charlyne Elkins, Mary Francis Pate, Dorothy Reagan.

Fifth Grade: Cessie Pearl Jones, Majel Pitts, Tommie Sorrells.

Sixth Grade: Lindsay Short, Daphine Matlock, Thelma Merritt.

Seventh Grade: William Clement, Herschel Brooks, Lottie Hughes, Evelyn Johnson, Janette Mitchell, Mildred O'Conner, Erma Pounds, Willie Gray Russell, Dorothy Stough, Ellen Choats, Lois White.

High School: Thurman Jones, Vertie Burke, Marie Butts, Winnie Robertson, Elizabeth Theobolt, Clarance Malcom, Mildred Merritt, Odessa Procter, Lois Theobolt, Pauline Baker, Edith Brooks, Elsie Lawless, Ritta Lowery, Hazel Pate, Vesper Sorrells, Haskell Wilson, Burmer Bryan, Lora Ligon, Hazel Mahaffey, Mary Jce Oslin.


Headline: Kirby Seniors Elect Officers October 9, 1941
The senior class of Kirby High School met September 29 to select class officers and sponsor. They are the following:

President: Hurlie Cowart
Vice-President: Aaron Dingler
Secretary and Treasurer: Eris Horn
Reporter: Bernice Harding

The class selected Superintendent Jones as Sponsor. Other members of the class are Alice Carson, Evegene Cook, Dennis Wood and Charline Bridges.


Headline: Langley School Closed Thursday, May 1, 1941, Vol. 16, No. 12
The Langley school closed for the summer vacation. The commencement exercise was held Friday night at eight o’clock in the school auditorium, the stage decorated with blue and gold, the class colors.

With Mrs. Davis at the piano, the Senior class marched in. The Salutatorian address was given by Junior March. The Valedictorian address was made by Miss Mildred Dunson. The other members of the class were Hazel Parsons, U.L. Arivette, and Florene Parsons.

Prof. W.R. Tommy of Murfreesboro gave the commencement address. It was enjoyed by everyone present. Mr. Forester Overton, school Examines gave a short speech. The new board member, Mr. Amos Davis is now President. Secretary R.H. Pinkerton, the others are Claude Parks, Odus Davis and Raliegh York.

The members of the old faculty who are remaining are: Jada Parsons and Mrs. Claude Dunson.


Headline: Glenwood School Closes This Week: Eight in Graduating Class; Ten from Grammar Grades May 19, 1927, Vol. 2, No. 13
Vacation days will soon be here—the Glenwood School closes this week. The closing exercises commenced last Sunday night when the Rev. Taylor Stanfiel, Baptist pastor of Arkadelphia, delivered the baccalaureate sermon at the Methodist Church, which was very impressive and convincing.

With a good teaching faculty, the Glenwood School has made good progress this school term, and those who are among the graduates are as follows: Cue Dunlap, Freeman Dunlap, Max Tolleson, Delos McCauley, Victor Logan, Robert Burnham, Irma Y’Blood, Ruby Babbitt. Those graduating from the grammar class are: William Gibbs, Verlie Burk, Odie Ketchen, Elizabeth Theobolt, Marie Butts, Jane Barnett, Edith McWha, Troy Thrash, Seldon Atkins, Harland Sevier.

Commencing Thursday evening the closing exercises of the school will be in order as follows: Thursday evening at 8 p.m., music and expression recital at the Methodist Church; graduating exercises, Friday evening at Missionary Baptist Church. Senior address by Matt L. Ellis, of Henderson Brown College; eighth grade address by C.G. Bolin, County Superintendent; presentation of diplomas by J.E. Pitts, president of the board.

The public school is one of the greatest institutions in America, and in the matter of making provision for the education of the youth of our land, no limit should be placed upon necessary buildings, funds, etc., in order to promote educational progress.

No doubt the members of the teaching faculty of Glenwood school have done their best during this session; and for those who are called to new fields, have our sincere good wishes in their endeavors; and for those who will remain for another term, we wish for them continued success as the guiding spirit in the progress of education.


Headline:  School Not Begin Until Sept. 17th September 6, 1928, Volume 3
In a previous issue of this paper, it was stated that the Glenwood Public Schools would open September 10.  Since that time, due to unavoidable delays in the construction of the new addition to the school building, it has been necessary to postpone the opening of the school year until Sept. 17th.  All parents are respectfully asked to take note of this change in the opening date.

In order to facilitate the classification of high school pupils, all those who expect to be in the ninth grade this year are asked to report at the school building on Sept. 13th at nine o'clock in the morning; those in the tenth grade at 10:30 in the morning; juniors and seniors report at one thirty in the afternoon.  If pupils will comply with this request, it will save valuable time to both pupils and teachers.

Another forward step in the progress of our schools has been made with the re-election of Miss Leslie M. Oates of Russellville to take charge of Expression and allied subjects in the public school.  Miss Oates comes to the Glenwood school most highly recommended.   She was graduated in 1922 from Henderson Brown College with the Bachelor of Oratory degree.  Since that time, she has worked in other institutions.  She has had four years successful experience and everywhere she has worked, her accomplishments have been highly praised.  The community should feel proud to have someone as competent as Miss Oates in this department.

The Expression class will be organized on the same basis as that now employed in music.   Our school is large enough to warrant a large class.  The parents of pupils should take advantage of this opportunity to give their children training in this most valuable field.

Parents who expect to give their children this advantage are urged to have their children enrolled at the very beginning of school.  The department will be self sustaining and must have immediate support to insure success.

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