The Pike County Tribune Death Notices/Obituaries


Mrs. C.W. Elkins Dead March 17, 1922, Volume 7, Number 32
Just as we go to press, the sad news comes that Mrs. C.W. Elkins, who has been very low for some time, died about 9 o'clock last night.

Her remains will be laid to rest in the Antioch cemetery tomorrow afternoon.

Mrs. John Gilleylen March 24, 1922, Volume 7, Number 33
Mrs. John Gilleylen died at her home 3 miles southwest of Delight Wednesday about noon. She had been ill for several years and had been confined to her bed for several months.

Her remains were laid to rest in the cemetery at Billstown yesterday.

Joe Simpson April, 14, 1922, Volume 7, Number 36
Confirmed reports have been received here that Joe Simpson, formerly of this place, but now of Okla. was drowned one day last week while attempting to cross a swollen stream near his home.

Pearline Whitehorn April 28, 1922, Volume 7, Number 38
Little Miss Pearline Whitehorn was laid to rest in the Antioch cemetery, April 20, 1922. Services conducted by W.M. Mears.

Her stay in this world was short. She leaves a father, mother, one little sister and other relatives and friends behind.

I wish to say to the father and mother, "weep not as those who have no hope," for you have a hope of meeting little Pearline again in a better world than this.

One by one the Savior fathers flowers rich and fair and transplants them in his garden. They will bloom forever there. Yet one by one the gentle shepherd gathers lambs from every fold, folds them to his loving bosom with tenderness untold.

W.M. Mears.

J.N. Gray June 2, 1922, Volume 7, Number 48
J.N. Gray, who has been very low with stomach trouble for several months, died Sunday, May 21, 1922, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Williams, where he has made his home for the past thirty years.

Mr. Gray was born in Hempstead County 69 years ago. He spent the larger part of his life near Bowen, in this county. For the past year, he has been engaged in the mercantile business at this place. He is survived by a host of relatives and friends who mourn his death.

Mrs. Floyd Finter July 28, 1922, Volume 7, Number 35
Mrs. Floyd Finter, who has been in ill health for several months, died at her home at Bills last Thursday night.

Her remains were laid to rest in the Nash cemetery Friday, afternoon. Services were conducted by Bro. W.M. Mears of this place. She is survived by a husband, one child, and a host of relatives and friends to mourn her death.

Mrs. W.W. Steen December 21, 1923. Volume 8, Number 43
Mrs. W.W. Steen, aged about 60 years, who has been suffering for several months with a cancer, died at her home at Bills Tuesday afternoon.

Auto Runs Down and Kills Woman Friday, September 5, 1924, Volume 3, Number 28
Nashville, September 1 - Mrs. Ellen Pinkerton, 36 years old, wife of J.A. Pinkerton, broommaker at the Tennessee school for the blind, was run down and fatally injured here yesterday by an automobile containing four negroes.

Immediately after striking the woman, the negroes sped away. The woman's clothing caught in the front wheel of the automobile and her body was thrown over the radiator of the car and fell into the street, where the negroes left it.

J.D. Boyd Accidentally Kills Self Friday, September 26, 1924, Volume 3, Number 31
His Gun Discharged While Climbing Over Fence.

News was received here early Thursday morning of the accidental shooting and death of J.D. Boyd, near his home at Center Point late Wednesday afternoon.

According to the report, Mr. Boyd had been out hunting and was returning home late in the evening, when neighbors heard his gun fire about a quarter of a mile from his home. The family became uneasy about him when he failed to come in at night and began a search for him. His lifeless body was found about a quarter of a mile from his home, by a wire fence, which he had started to climb and fell. The entire load from a hammerless shotgun entered his left breast, and it is supposed that death was instantaneous.

Mr. Boyd and family formerly lived here, and his many friends in this section will regret to hear of his
untimely death.

His body will be buried in the cemetery here this (Friday) afternoon with Masonic honors.

Oscar Lawson Friday, October 3, 1924, Volume 3, Number 32
Oscar M. Lawson, who has been in ill health for several months, with Bright's Disease, died at his home near Antoine Thursday night of last week.

His body was given burial at Antoine Friday afternoon.

Dan Harris Friday, October 3, 1924, Volume 3, Number 32
Uncle Dan Harris, aged about 80 years, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Wilder, between Antoine and Graysonia, Tuesday. He suffered a paraletic stroke Monday soon after breakfast while out near the house making baskets.

Mrs. R.L. Morrow Friday, October 17, 1924, Volume 3, Number 34
Mrs. R.L. Morrow died after a long illness at her home at the South Side Hotel here Tuesday afternoon.

Mrs. Morrow has been in ill health for several years, and has been confined to her bed for the past several months. She was Prop. of the South Side Hotel for several years, during which time she made many friends among the traveling public as well as among home people, who will regret to hear of her death.

Funeral services were held at the Baptist Church here Wednesday, where the deceased has been a devout member for several years. Rev. E.H. Acuff of Arkadelphia conducted the services.

T.J. Whitehorn Friday, October 31, 1924, Volume 3, Number 36
T.J. Whitehorn, aged 76 years, who has been suffering with a Cancer for several months, died about 7 o'clock Friday evening at his home 3 miles northwest of here.

His body was shipped Saturday to Atlanta, Texas, his former home, where burial was given Sunday. The body was accompanied by his grandson, Mirlie, and his sister, Mrs. Chancey and T.W. Brown of this place.

Infant Dies with Flu April 20, 1923, Volume 8, Number 8
The little son of Mr. and Mrs. Newton Lewallen, aged about two weeks, died Monday morning after a brief illness with Influenza.  His remains were laid to rest in the Antioch Cemetery Tuesday.

Dr. Alford Dead May 18, 1923, Volume 8, Number 12
Dr. W.D. Alford, aged 89, a pioneer citizen of this county, died at his home at Murfreesboro early Saturday morning.

Funeral services were conducted Sunday afternoon at the Methodist church by Rev. Powell, Pastor of the M.E. Church at that place.  The body was buried in the Murfreesboro cemetery with Masonic honors.

Dr. Alford is said to be one of the oldest Masons in the state.

Whoopingcough and Fever Fatal June 8, 1923, Volume 8, Number 15
Raymond, the 15-months-old boy of Mr. and Mrs. N.A. Lamb of near Bills, died early Wednesday morning.  The cause of the child's death was caused from whoopingcough followed by Fever.

Burial was made in Antioch cemetery here Wednesday afternoon.

Jas. S. Frost June 22, 1923, Volume 8, Number 17
Jas. S. Frost, Jr. aged 31, died at the home of his father, J.S. Frost, ____  ____ about 6:20, after an illness of several months.

Mr. Frost underwent an operation at Little Rock several months ago, since which time he has been gradually going down.

Funeral services were conducted Thursday afternoon by Rev. W.M. Mears, assisted by Rev. J.H. Cummings of Prescott.  The body was given burial with Masonic honors.

Immediately after the funeral services, 13 white robed Ku Klux marched up to the grave, deposited a beautiful wreath of flowers, after which the grave was covered with flowers by friends of the deceased.

Cancer Proves Fatal April 21, 1922, Volume 7, Number 37
The 18 month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Whitehorn died Wednesday morning after a long illness.  Cancer on the stomach was the cause of the child's death.

The Tribune joins the many friends in extending our sympathy to the bereaved parents.

W.H. Reed Dead April 28, 1922, Volume 7, Number 38
W.H. Reed, aged 79, died at his home near Boto, Tuesday night.  Influenza and Pneumonia caused his death.

His remains were laid to rest in the Antioch cemetery here Thursday.

Troy Rush, Invalid Dead August 25, 1922, Volume 7, Number 38
Troy, the 14 year old invalid child of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Rush died Thursday of last week.

This child fell out of a window at the age of 18 months and broke his neck.  Since that time, he has been perfectly helpless.  For the past several months, he has been suffering with Tuberculous of the bone which caused his death.

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